New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016

New York Fashion Week is a major occasion for the fashion industry. it shows the latest styles and trends from top designers and brands. However, it is not very affordable for most readers. The Fall 2016 event took place from February 11 to 18. It had over 180 shows and presentations. Therefore, here are some of the main things that happened.

Dark and Dramatic Looks at Marc Jacobs and Rodarte

Two of the most amazing shows were Marc Jacobs and Rodarte. They both had a dark and dramatic style inspired by gothic books and art. Marc Jacobs had his show in a church on Park Avenue. The models wore huge platform boots, big coats, frilly dresses, and fancy accessories. Lady Gaga was also on the runway as a model. Rodarte celebrated its 10th year with a show of lacy, frilly, and stitched dresses, furry coats, and leather jackets. The sisters who make the label, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, said they liked poets like Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Other shows also had a dark and dramatic style, such as Givenchy. Givenchy had its Spring 2016 show in New York instead of Paris. Riccardo Tisci has been at Givenchy for 10 years. He made a show that had lace, velvet, pearls, and feathers. The models also wore jewels and ring on their faces. The show was a way of saying thank you to New York and its people.

Street Style at Hood By Air and Alexander Wang

Street style is very popular in fashion. Two of the most popular brands for street style are Hood By Air and Alexander Wang. Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver made a show that was different and bold. The models wore clothes that were cut up, had logos on them, and covered their faces. The show also talked about the problem of refugees. The models carried bags and wore life jackets. No other New York designer did anything like that. Alexander Wang had a more fun show.

Other shows also had street style, such as Public School, which mixed sporty clothes with formal clothes; and Jeremy Scott, which used pop culture characters like SpongeBob SquarePants and Looney Tunes. Street style shows how social media and celebrities affect fashion. It also shows how people want clothes that are easy to wear and buy.

Craftsmanship at Proenza Schouler and Coach

Craftsmanship means making things with skill and care. Some designers showed their craftsmanship at New York Fashion Week. Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez got ideas from artists like Frank Stella and Richard Serra. They made clothes that had twisted shapes, laces, and cuts. However, the clothes were not very practical or comfortable for everyday wear. Coach Stuart Vevers showed his skill with leather. He made a show that mixed American style with city style. The models wore leather jackets, furry coats, flower dresses, and cowboy boots. However, they did not look very comfortable in the hot weather.

Other shows also showed craftsmanship, such as Ralph Lauren, which used rich fabrics like cashmere, suede, silk, and fur; Oscar de la Renta, which used beautiful embroidery and decoration; and Calvin Klein Collection, which used new materials like wool with plastic and leather with metal.

Final Thought

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 was a diverse and exciting event. It showed different styles and trends from gothic glamour to street style to craftsmanship. It also showed how fashion is influenced by art, culture, and social issues. New York Fashion Week is a place where designers and brands can express their vision and creativity. It is also a place where people can find inspiration and enjoy fashion.

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